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Corporate Communications

The in-house corporate communication department is the key enabler of any corporate communication effort. A senior executive and the brand communication manager devise, develop and revise various initiatives. They understand the need to be flexible and account for evolving business environments and contextual organizational shifts. The team drafts news releases, prepares executive briefs for top management, ghostwrites op-eds, blogs, social media posts and columns for business managers and other higher-ups.

The team arranges interviews of key personnel in relevant industry and trade publications or for panel-based programs on cable and network news channels.

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The department can also liaise with an external PR agency to manage nationwide PR campaigns and press conferences. A well-managed, flexible and sustained corporate communication practice can reap both medium and long-term benefits.

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It enables a company to have a distinctive identity in a crowded and intensely competitive marketplace environment. Business investors stay committed to investing in the company. Shareholders remain confident about the capabilities of key executives, and the long-term prospects and profitability of the company. Based out of the metropolitan Washington D. Share It.

About the Author. Strategic CEO Connections are for organizations who want to reach CEOs via our continuum from face to face to shared media experiences.

Executive Communication & Business Writing

To find out more, email: bill ceoshow. You may link to any pages on our site you may not, however, use any of the images on our site without explicit permission. If you wish us to link to your site, please send us a request to robert ceoshow. The best person to learn from is a CEO because they understand both personal success and business models.

We feature CEOs of major brands. Instead of just giving sound bytes, we give the whole conversation in context. Radio interviews are 19 minutes. We select CEOs who have done at least one great thing that people can learn from. The content is not about earnings or sensitive information; instead it is about timeless leadership and business model philosophies.

Below are 5 topics that are usually discussed: 1. The brand differentiator and business model 2. The culture 3.

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  • The customer experience 4. Insights on the digital disruption economy 5. Leadership philosophy and insights on success in business All three are different in that: The CEO Forum Radio Show is a nationally syndicated radio show on over 25 AM stations across America with , weekly listeners. Who is your target audience? All radio interviews are taped. Email Robert Reiss robert ceoshow. Can you describe the attributes of CEOs you typically feature? Brand names executives.

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    We generally interview 4 titles: founder, CEO, Chairman and president. Are there any criteria as far as market cap, size of companies you profile?

    source How can my organization partner with the CEO Show, and are there any sponsorship opportunities? Can I link my Web page to your site? Will you add a link to my website from yours? If you are interested in us interviewing your CEO, please reach out.