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It seems like people around you are as stubborn as you are, and you might need to compromise if you want the energy to remain sweet.

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Time to learn some flexibility—should you show good efforts, things will smooth out for you. This week is preparing you for a brand new way of relating, Libra.

Whether a new relationship enters your life or not, now is a time to break free of previous relationship patterns. This week is offering you the possibility of redefining yourself and rebuilding relationships, at work and otherwise.

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Your creativity is great, but do you have a plan to achieve your goals, with steps, commitments, and a routine? Now is the time to focus on setting this up. This week is a rather introverted time for you.

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Work could feel draining this week, so give yourself a break and show compassion for yourself. You could receive unexpected sums of money or streams of income this week. Your creativity is off the charts this week, so follow your intuition and pursue ideas that are close to your heart.

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But it was Britney, so it was okay. That commercial success has made Star-Lord and crew—and….

Entertainment Weekly - 연예가중계 - Yoon Jisung, Ok Taecyeon, Kim Myungsoo, etc. [ENG/CHN/2019.05.20]

The superhero sequel winds down with a wild array of movie-star cameos and comic-book references—sequences that point to the future of the franchise and the Marvel Universe. Of the five scenes, two standouts are especially important. To be clear, we also love Angry Emo Teen Groot. That would be Adam Warlock, one of the great figures in Marvel's cosmic tradition. A scientifically engineered perfect specimen, Warlock was a hippie messiah before an arc by writer-artist Jim Starlin transformed him….

What if instead of concluding after just 13 more episodes, HBO's Game of Thrones continued for years?

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Decades, even?! Well, hold the door—because it could happen. Rather than letting its most popular and award-winningest drama of all time wink off the air with a final eighth season, the network is aggressively trying to transform GoT from a single series into a full-blown multi-title franchise.