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Save to your computer. Well Tempered Clavier, Part I. Art of Fugue. Brandenburg Concertos. Sinfonia Three-part inventions. Goldberg Variations. Passacaglia and Fugue in C minor. Toccata and Fugue in D minor. Sei gegrusset, Jesu gutig Partite diverse. Eight Little Preludes and Fugues. Online reports suggest a. EDT in the United States. The Prelude gives players a sneak preview of what new content will be in 2K19 and a chance to get used to the new mechanics. This new demo is unfortunately limited to just the above-mentioned consoles, with nothing planned for PC or Nintendo Switch.

In the room. There was a knife that cannot be any simpler, a face wrapped in bandage, and even though it's the first encounter, to anyone, that was the silent, God of Death. When the girl entered the room, it was all over. Corpses of Louvre and his children. The black vampire who stands silently. And without realizing herself, Barthomeloi grinds her teeth from irritation.

He must have been after the mace that Louvre had. Even though it was unmannerly, the girl bit on her right index finger. It was to stop her annoying teeth grinding and I'll let you go this time, vampire. The black shadow jumped up to the hole on the ceiling, sprouted out a miserable pair of wings that didn't look like a bird's nor an insect's, and flew away.


She was left alone in the space of brutal murder. Blood smeared on her leather gloves.

Fabio Selvafiorita: PRELUDIO II (a Marco Ramelli)

She almost passed out from humiliation. Although she thought she was the first one to be there, she wasn't even the second one there. This wasn't a hunt nor a battle, but just an headless chicken running around in circles. I'll find you for sure. When I do, I'll give you my gratitude for your victory without even showing yourself and The girl Lorelei Barthomeloi sung to that someone she had yet to meet.

That block of iron was a mismatch in the plain environment. A moving fortress weighing 35 tons.

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A wild horse with a combustion mechanism that probably never passed through in such a countryside road. Carrying steel weapons, crosses, medical equipments and an "exorcist", it was literally the state of the art monster. In the 4 days after landing at United Kingdom, it has always been under the people's attention. To be exact, people weren't surprised at the gigantic trailer called the "Sympathy for the Devil", but at the man behind the wheels.

It couldn't be helped. The one driving the vicious machine was a peaceful looking priest. While letting out a screech in the countryside road, he controlled the monster with ease. If there was one thing he needed to be careful of, it was the temperature inside the trailer box behind him. It was currently in normal temperature, but if by any chance it goes below 20 degrees Celsius, he needs to abandon it and blow it up.

Of course, it was a situation that he want to avoid if possible. He would hate losing half of his beloved vehicle. It wasn't much of a problem causing a fuss in the quiet countryside and his partner being blown to pieces though. Aren't you receiving a signal on the radio? Did she sense the wicked idea that he had? Hearing the voice of his partner that he didn't care if she burned to ashes, the priest turned on the radio. Do you mind if I add something to the order? It was the 3rd call he received since he got on this mission. He reminded her so many times to order the equipments all together, but this woman kept on bothering him one after another.

Thanks to her, he hasn't even reached his destination. Adhesive grenades, dozen boxes of M60 ammo, and her order goes as far as an out dated potato masher Burial custom. It's natural for him to stray away from the route if she keeps on requesting without minding the time and cost. Well, actually she's the only person who makes such requests and this was like the only time he we was needed. Personal firearms have little effect on vampires.

They are show offs who dodge the bullets after they see them. Since surface based attacks can't even touch them, they freely feed on their prey even up to this day. This woman was a fantastic monster who is able to land a shot on their forehead with a hand gun; a point based attack. It almost sounds like a joke, but it was good for him that the items he stocked didn't go to waste.

Besides, black humor was something the priest loved. It wouldn't hurt to listen to a few of her selfish requests. You sure are a difficult person to please, but you're my important customer. To his surprise, her request this time wasn't something so dangerous. It might not be in a small village, but they're all something that could be found in a town with a market. Moreover, you should be able to purchase that at where you're at. Although it looked like she wanted to say something, she accepted and he was relieved.

Now that I need to make an extra trip. If he remembered correctly, his partner in the box had a few of the items that were just requested. May I enter, my lady? I was a bit bored, Dawn. It was darker than the darkness of the night, inside. The tiny blinking lights were the only thing indicating its depth. Sleeping inside the darkness were firearms, electronics, words of God, and the devil's stomach.

He closes the door behind him so the holy air won't spill out. The priest saw his partner lying on the bed for the first time in 2 days. The people in the countryside are superstitious so I'm easily affected. But their shape is prettier than the ones in the urban cities. Although their form changes in a swift manner, the pain feels pleasant.

What was that? Oh, she did say it was for eating. Do you happen to have some? Is that so. Well, they sound very much alike to me. You're absolutely wrong. Don't even think they are the same thing. It was a rare thing for her as she was always passive about things. Unfortunately, the priest lacked the ability to sense those emotions. I'll give up and make a side trip. It will be another 2 day until we arrive there, but are you able to bear it, my lady? When it happens. More importantly A deformed figure. The priest secretly worshiped the unsymmetrical shape.

How beautiful. Smeared with blood, yet white skin. A malformed Virgin Mary who is penetrated by demons yet giving ease to demons at the same time. More importantly, do you know the details of your mission? Since we were the ones summoned, does it means I can look forward to it? We came here to hunt vampires, basically. Unless something exceptional happens, we have nothing to do.

Nicola LeFanu

A decisive battle that was being prepared for years. The development of Aylesbury that not only the Church, but the mage's association stood and watched as it built up. A countryside village of England has transformed itself to an industrial region in merely 10 years. By just using human power, by legitimate funds and labor, although out of date, a band of factories were built in the commercially worthless land.

It's a shame, but even if that was a farm for the Dead Apostles, even the Magicians won't be able to touch them as long as it was run by innocent people. How can existences on the side of the super natural can interfere with something that was built by the hands of the people using fair and square methods, without the use of mystics?

The only time they can, is when that fair and squareness has collapsed.

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I wonder who came up with that idea. Everyone knows that the gate to Hell is opening, but they can't do anything until it does. Actually, the priest knew whose idea it was very well. It was a nostalgic old home of the priest. What about you, Dawn? At least I can hold myself, but you're only a transporter. If you go to such town, you'll be the first one to be eaten.

The priest was a normal human being. He wasn't a monster like his co-workers. There's no guarantee that he'll come out alive from Aylesbury. And not everything looks bad. Supposedly, there was a prophecy that I will be able to find my lost name. His real name. His name before he was called Dawn. Dawn, you don't know your real name? The priest answered yes. But your name is XXXX. With troubled expression, he places a hand on his forehead as if he has an headache. Everyone knows your name What did you just say, my lady?

Please use words that I can understand. I see, the Virgin Mary makes a prayer for him This man still hasn't returned. Oh lord, please have mercy on this soul. While trying to remember only his name, this man is unable to recognize only his name, eternally.

He was in hell in the past. Even being the only survivor, his soul was still possessed. He should have brought back his soul along with his body, but because he lost it once, it would never return to him. Dawn, who else is coming to Aylesbury? It was pitiful for the priest if he wasn't placed in torment all the time.

The other 2 should be arriving after us. An outstanding forward of the squad I say. On top of that, it seems like there's something personal about this mission and she was very excited about it saying that she'll beat the crap out of someone this time. Half a day before. A nun was walking the streets of a medieval town with unmatched concrete factories.

Black hair and glasses. The sound of the tough looking woven boots echoes in the street. There's a pub that unfamiliar people gathers in the west street? And there are pretty ladies in the 2nd floor? How naughty.


I hope it doesn't last from dusk till dawn. The boy was friendly enough to show her around the town too.

J.S. Bach - Prelude & Fugue BWV 847 in c minor by Nathalie Matthys

Thanks, it was very helpful. It's not much, but here's something for you. Although calling him a big eater, she shares the bread with the boy. Is there are a big restaurant in this town? One with a collection of international dishes. To be specific, I'm looking for a something like this A few minutes after the hopeless reply.

The nun turned on the radio as soon as she returned to her lodging.

Turmeric, cilantro, cumin, and red pepper. Of course I carry around my own garam masala so that's OK. Also carrots, onions, apples, and beef. Eh, find those things on my own? Hmm… that's too bad. But at least get me extra spices. High quality ones. Oh, and put the tab on Narbarek please. It was a small shrine. There were no light, no smell of oil, nor any presence of people. The ones who gathered there and let out a cry were their acquaintance, rats. In the middle of the shrine, near where he was once hanged like a bagworm, the priest was having a little chit-chat.

Chopin Prelude in C Minor

That's amusing. Even though their priority is destroying the Dead Apostles, the truth is that everyone else around them are enemies? Hunting vampires was the reason we exist and our goal, but now that's mere duty. They have someone else who they want to really kill. People like to see the blood of others, no matter how long they've been around.

A special apostle wearing a white garment with golden embroidery who never appears in public. The one wearing such an elegant outfit was a little boy and the ones listening to him were little animals who don't speak the human language. Say hi to my right hand. Tell him to suck up to the chief. Give her a lot of work so she'll be busy.